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Our vision is to take entrepreneurship to the economically poor. The change we are foreseeing is a considerable change in standard of living of the region (or vicinity). This is through reduction of  drudgery or improvement in income levels of the business/entrepreneur Vision is to provide knowledge (and information) to create & enter (rural) markets.

Democratizing entrepreneurship 

Entrepreneurship is a vital component of economic growth and development. The creation of new business entities not only generates value added, fiscal revenues, employment and innovation, but is an essential ingredient for the development of a vibrant small- and medium-sized business sector—the core of most competitive economies. It has the potential to contribute to specific sustainable development objectives, such as the employment of women, young people or disadvantaged groups. Growth-oriented entrepreneurs can also contribute to structural transformation and building new industries, including the development of eco-friendly economic activities. Today India is facing jobless growth. Ironically, there is no dearth of talent in the country especially in the countryside. An entrepreneurial ecosystem in rural India would nurture this human potential and give them access to avenues to aspire, dream and fulfill big.

Democratizing technology

India is blessed with diverse problems that are avenues of potential opportunities even at the lower end of the spectrum. However, capitalizing them into entrepreneurial ones would need a certain level of preparation of the ecosystem. If we visualize the “startup” ecosystem in the country, the cities that ring a bell immediately are Bangalore, Hyderabad and Gurgaon. These cities have risen up to the aspirations of the budding entrepreneurs in providing them the ecosystem to try, innovate and thrive. These present ecosystems have a lot to teach (positive or negative) about nurturing entrepreneurs. In the run to trigger an entrepreneurial ecosystem in rural India, most of the learnings have to be carefully applied customized contextually to the rural geography, infrastructure availability and culture.

Team Members

Dr. Gayathri Aaditya

Operations and Execution
Alma Mater: LBNL , Berkeley and IISc Bangalore


An architect and planner by profession. Focuses on creating impact through generating livelihoods in rural areas. Her research looked into low cost zero energy housing (BIPV systems and climate responsive architecture, energy efficiency in buildings). She has completed her PhD from the Center for Sustainable Technologies at the IISc. and has a post-graduation in urban and rural planning from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. She has exposure and worked in different capacities, in the design firms, research, academia and consultancy.

Rohitkumar Pillai

Strategy and Design
Rural Experience: 7 years
Alma Mater: IIT Bombay


Rohit is a metallurgical engineer from NIT Trichy & a trained development professional from IIT Bombay (CTARA) & IISc Bangalore. He firmly believes in the tremendous potential of human. He spends most of his time articulating the “social problems” and their context and leverages design thinking in devising solutions. He has had brief stints in the corporate sector and then in academia as a researcher. He has published over 10 research publications mostly in the field of renewable energy.

Liju George

Partnerships and Outreach
Alma Mater: TU Berlin


Liju has been working for 5 years in capacities of operations,
technology development and strategy in India and Europe. He has done his graduation from NIT Trichy Masters from TU Berlin.
Over the years, he has evolved in the domain of People, Practices and Processes. He works with rural communities to map their
economic potential and design roadmap to realise the same.

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